MasterStudio Advantages

MasterStudio offers advantages to both experienced and beginning Omnis Studio developers. By providing ready-to-use components that offer complete solutions to common design problems, MasterStudio shaves months off your application design cycle, ensuring that your first application is both easily maintainable and extendable in the long term. Experienced developers appreciate the ease by which MasterStudio classes can be enhanced and combined with existing code.

Next to its many advanced technical features, these are the areas that make MasterStudio an especially valuable investment:

  • Empowers developers to build complex yet maintainable applications
  • An investment in MasterStudio is an investment in OO knowledge
  • MasterStudio adheres strictly to the DRY principle
  • Promotes and improves collaboration among teams of developers
  • Clean implementations of recognized design patterns
  • Designed from scratch to be used by other developers
  • Very customizable through the use of class factories
  • No built-in restrictions (number of panes, entities, etc.)
  • Compatible with existing Studio applications and tools
  • Neutral interface elements that can easily be replaced
  • Close attention to platform-specific user interface guidelines
  • Built-in support for library deployment, version control, patching
  • Subclassing and delegation rather than Wizards or code generation
  • Availability of a complete UML class diagram

If you are evaluating the use of a framework or even considering developing your own framework, we recommend reading the book "Framework Process Patterns -- Lessons Learned Developing Application Frameworks" by James Carey and Brent Carlson (ISBN 0-201-73132-0). The information in this book is helping us put the finishing touches on MasterStudio, and includes the best explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of frameworks we have seen. The book will also help you decide whether your product or project would profit from an OO framework such as MasterStudio. Of course, we would also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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