Enhancements in MasterStudio 1.0.4

This release implements items 20b and 24 of the original MasterStudio Function Points list.
  1. Performance of the class broker was improved, resulting in a 30% speed boost when opening large libraries.
  2. Function MoManagerFunctions.$bringWindowToFront now always brings windows to the front, even if they were maximized. Omnis' default behavior is to de-maximize the window when it is brought to the front.
  3. During database saves that take more than a second, grid panes will now display a progress bar at the bottom of their frameset. A new reusable view class "MoViewProgressBar" was added.
  4. The $prepare statement in the MasterStudio statement object MoDatabaseStatement will no longer prepare the same database statement twice. This improves performance for multiple repeated database actions, such as updates, deletes, or repeated selects.

    In order for $prepare to determine whether the SQL statement is the same, you must pass the full SQL string into it as the first parameter and a reference to the table instance as the second parameter. If you have already written the statement using STA: commands, the third parameter must be kTrue.

    (Note that OmnisSQL will crash if a select statement containing one or more joins is repeated. MasterStudio's table superclass automatically detects this)
  5. If you set the new "COUNT" attribute in the <BATCH> tag of a schema class to "1", MasterStudio windows will perform a count of the total number of records in the database. The total number of records is displayed at the top of the entity grid. For an example, see the "Employees" window in the demo application.
  6. The "Select" button now uses attribute kBMok, so values from a pick list can now be selected by pressing the <Enter> key. (Note that a pick list record can also be selected by double-clicking it)
  7. Menu class "DemoMenuPlanBoardLanguages" was renamed to "DemoMenuLanguages". This only affects the demo library and thus should not have any effect on your own applications.

New Methods in MasterStudio 1.0.4

(See the Book Addenda for a listing of these new features per chapter of the Developer Manual)
  1. A new delegate attribute $searchMode allows individual windows to override the default value of the "MODE" attribute in the <BATCH> tag of the schema class. This allows individual windows to control whether they are opened in View mode or in Find mode.
  2. A new delegate attribute $clearSearchCriteria allows developers to choose whether search values should be cleared when the user enters Find mode (by default, the previous search values automatically re-appear when the user re-enters Find mode).

Bugfixes in MasterStudio 1.0.4
  1. A bug was fixed where records would be marked as "modified" when clicking on different lines in a complex grid.
  2. A bug was fixed, where MasterStudio and PlanBoard would not properly create preferences directories under Mac OS X when using Omnis Studio 4.0.2. This resulted in a "Using local folder instead" message. This was caused by a change in the behavior of the Omnis $createdir command, which no longer accepts a directory separator at the end of the path name.
  3. Some illegal constant references (directly to class MoMdPublic) were corrected into "MdPublic".
New book errata for MasterStudio 1.0.4

(These are newly discovered errors since version 1.0.3. See Book Errata for the full listing.)
  • Page 190, last sentence: Remove the words "these values".

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