Enhancements in MasterStudio 1.0.8 (April 14, 2006)

This MasterStudio release includes various improvements and bugfixes and features compatibility with Omnis Studio 4.1.1.

  1. This release was tested with Omnis Studio 4.1.1. MasterStudio is now formally supported for use with Omnis Studio 3.3.3, 4.0.3, and 4.1.1.
  2. This version comes with a fully updated, 293-page Developer Manual. Now includes a "Using Master-Detail Windows" chapter, updated UML diagrams, and a full index.
  3. If you return kFalse from $showPreviousNext so users cannot jump to the previous or next record, then users are also prohited from jumping to the previous or next record by tabbing out of the first or last field of the pane. Automatic tabbing is now enabled only when the Previous and Next commands are active, unless you override $subpaneShouldAutoTab for the entity delegate.
  4. A disabled checkbox (corresponding to a schema column with a <DISPLAY> element) no longer shows "Click for..." in its tooltip.
  5. Pane delegate superclass MoControllerPaneDelegateSuperclass has a new method $printTip allowing each pane to have its own tooltip for its optional print command.
  6. Improvement for developers who use both Omnis Studio 3 and Omnis Studio 4 on the same computer: When using a MasterStudio or PlanBoard application in Omnis Studio 3 after that same application was opened in Omnis Studio 4, MasterStudio now displays a dialog box that allows the user to overwrite the "newer" scratch libraries (Preferences). In previous releases of MasterStudio it was necessary to manually remove the scratch libraries in the "MasterObjects Preferences" folder.

Bugfixes in MasterStudio 1.0.8
  1. Class MoControllerPaneSelectorDelegateSuperclass did not have its $external attribute set.
  2. A bug was fixed where a detail list would fetch incorrect records if the foreign key was of type "Character" (the select statement used LIKE rather than =).
  3. Fixed a problem when generating sequence numbers where the sequence column is of type Character.
  4. Fixed a bug in MoDatabaseSchema where the menu type was of type Short Int instead of "Long".
  5. The Progress Bar was positioned in the Status area of the frameset, correcting a problem with MoWindowFramesetDoubleWideHeader.
  6. After reverting one or more records, the current record was no longer selected.
  7. For compatibility with Omnis Studio 4.1, method $setSortColumn was replaced by $setListSortColumn.
  8. To improve behavior of subclasses, initialization of an instance variable in class MoControllerPaneSelector was improved.
  9. Bugfix: If you changed a value in an entry field and then clicked the window's close box (without tabbing out of the entry field first), MasterStudio did not detect the modified record and thus did not save it.
MasterStudio 1.0.8 Update Instructions

This version requires the following steps:

  1. Install main library classes:
    Copy the latest versions of MoContextRoot and MoClassBroker into your main library.
  2. Replace framework libraries:
    Replace the libraries in your old MasterObjects folder by the new ones.
  3. Important Note:
    Method $setSortColumn was renamed to $setListSortColumn. If you call this list manager method, please ensure that you perform a find and replace in your existing libraries.
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