Enhancements in MasterStudio 2.0.3

Please note: MasterStudio version 2.x was a paid upgrade and requires a new registration code.

  • MasterStudio has new "frameset expansion icons" to reflect those that are now standard in Mac OS X (e.g., in Apple mail). They are less easily mistaken as a "play button" and they also look very good on Windows. Similarly, "master-detail grid mode icons" were upgraded to reflect the look of buttons on Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 7. The icon IDs are set in the foundation theme factory superclass. So it is very easy to revert to the old icons, or to create your own.

  • Classes used as subwindow components in MasterStudio can now override the background theme of the subwindow object in which they are instantiated (classes can now force their own background color). Normally, Omnis uses the background colors or background theme as defined for the subwindow in its container. If you set the background theme in the container for a subwindow component to kBGThemeControl, MasterStudio will adhere to the proper color and pattern attributes of the window class being instantiated in the subwindow. MasterStudio's pane containers (framesets, pane selectors, etc) have been adjusted accordingly.
  • MoManagerFunctions has a new method $valueOfClassAttribute, which returns the actual value of a class attribute (i.e., the inherited value if it was inherited from a superclass).
Bugfixes in MasterStudio 2.0.3
  1. The Platform Managers for Mac and Windows were updated so that MasterStudio now reports the correct name of the operating system used ("Snow Leopard", "Lion", "Mountain Lion", "Windows 7", "Windows 8"). Note: No separate subclasses were created for these platforms yet, as no functions needed to be changed for their support since Leopard and Windows Vista.
MasterStudio 2.0.3 Update Instructions

To upgrade your libraries for use with MasterStudio 2.0.3, please perform the following steps. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.0.0, make sure that you first follow the upgrade instructions for version 2.0.

  1. MasterStudio 2.0.3 is supported with Omnis Studio 4.3.x (non-Unicode), 5.0.1, 5.1.x, and 5.2. (MasterStudio 1.1.x is still supported for Omnis Studio 4.2-4.3.2)
  2. Install main library classes:
    Copy the latest versions of MoContextRoot and MoClassBroker as well as the #STYLES system table into your main library. This is most easily accomplished by copying the MasterStudio Classes folder from the Demo Library.
  3. Replace framework libraries:
    Replace your old MasterStudio folder by the new MasterStudio folder.
  4. MasterStudio's Frameset and Pane Selector views were updated to allow subwindows to override the default window background. No changes should be necessary in your library, unless you relied on MasterStudio's old behavior after changing the background theme of your subwindows to kBGThemeNone. In that case, components will now adhere to the $forecolor, $backcolor, $backpattern specified. For this reason, panes in a pane selector no longer return their container's $forecolor or $effect.
  5. If a nested component with a background theme of kBGThemeNone is set to have a white foreground color, then MasterStudio's framesets will automatically changed the color of frame borders to light gray (to avoid these borders to become invisible to the user).
  6. Note: When you first open the demo database with Omnis Studio 5.x, you will be prompted to convert the data file. We recommend that you perform a "Full" conversion.
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