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"I learned about Omnis more than 10 years ago, that is long before Omnis Studio existed. In that time I worked mostly with object-oriented systems on the Apple Macintosh, that is, MacApp and MPW. Even then, I was fascinated by the concept of using an application skeleton, that is the use of an application framework to reduce development time and at the same time to enhance stability of the end product by using reusable components.

Initially, as I started working with Omnis, I really missed the framework. But, over time, as an Omnis developer I built a --more or less complete-- toolbox myself. Of course, Omnis Studio offers much better support and options for writing reusable code. But soon I had to admit that this is a project in itself and I do not have the time to build a complete framework myself, even if I kept considering doing so.

In the Summer of 2004 I decided to search for the terms "Omnis Studio" and "Framework" on the Internet, which is how I discovered MasterStudio. The information on the Internet immediately aroused my curiosity. I bought a developer license and took a multi-day training. I can say that this even exceeded my highest expectations.

MasterStudio offers exactly what I always searched for: Reusable components and building blocks for quickly building error-free applications. Many components that you need all the time are available for reuse and can simply be enhanced for your own functions. I was especially fascinated by details of the user interface, that is, the attention paid to Macintosh and Windows style guides. MasterStudio's support for important design patterns can also only be described as very successful.

Those who use Omnis Studio professionally cannot get around MasterStudio. Its feature set is unique and makes Omnis into a real OO system. I can no longer imagine working with Omnis Studio without MasterStudio."

Christoph Schwerdtner, CEO
Q-med / Schwerdtner Medizin-Software GmbH
Niederkirchen, Germany

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