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Master Object AB offers a one-week training program, designed to get Omnis Studio developers up to speed with MasterStudio. The first two days of the training program concentrate on object oriented design patterns and how to implement them in Omnis Studio. The first part of the training is therefore also valuable for prospective buyers of MasterStudio and Studio developers who like to enhance their understanding of design patterns.

Please contact Master Object AB for information about pricing and availability. Training is usually given to groups of 3 to 6 people.

The MasterStudio Development I training course requires at least several weeks of exposure to Omnis Studio development, or very extensive experience with Omnis Classic with a solid understanding of OO programming. Of course, the training program will be adjusted for groups who are completely new to object oriented development, or for those who already have a deep understanding of design patterns.

Day 1:  Introduction to Object Oriented Design Patterns

The morning session starts with an introduction to MasterStudio, after which we quickly return to Omnis Studio itself to see how basic object oriented techniques are implemented in Omnis Studio. This includes a quick review of inheritance, working with multiple instances, encapsulation and polymorphism.

The afternoon session introduces the concept of design patterns. The session focuses on Model-View-Controller and is filled with practical examples of its usefulness in MasterStudio as well as applications in general.

Day 2:  Implementing Design Patterns in Omnis Studio

Rather than 'delving into' framework, this second training day focuses on the capabilities of Omnis Studio itself. We'll learn to take advantage of its built-in classes. We'll also start to see why the use of an additional framework makes a lot of sense.

During the morning session, we'll look at different ways in which Model-View-Controller can be implemented in Omnis Studio. We'll look at the use (and limitations) of windows and nested subwindows, the use of using task classes, and the use of object classes.

The afternoon session is a workshop in which attendees build their own implementation of a Model-View-Controller-based window, using a task class for the controller and a table class for the model.

Day 3:  Working with MasterStudio

The morning session starts with another workshop: The MasterStudio 'Quick Start'. Here, you'll build a complete Master-Detail window using nothing but pre-built framework objects.

In the afternoon, you'll learn more about MasterStudio's components, and its implementation of Model-View-Controller. After learning about the class broker, we'll delve into contexts and controllers. We finish the day by adding an additional pane to our existing frameset.

Day 4:  Building Master-Detail Windows

First, we'll talk briefly about UML and we'll look at the MasterStudio class diagram. This will give you a good impression of the 'architecture' of a Master-Detail window. Fortunately, building complex windows using MasterStudio is much easier than understanding the details of each and every object! An important concept that we focus on this morning is "delegation". We'll see how this technique allows us to enhance MasterStudio windows without having to subclass them.

The afternoon session teaches you how MasterStudio greatly enhances Omnis Studio's event handling and tells you how MasterStudio uses additional design patterns: chain of responsibility, abstract factory, decorator, strategy and command.

Day 5:  Building Your Own Applications

During the previous days, you've learned new object oriented concepts and you've seen how MasterStudio offers powerful components that let you easily build complex windows. On this final day of the introductory course, we'll take a step back and look at ways in which you can build your own applications on top of MasterStudio. How do you add your own functions or build your own components? What does all this stuff in the MasterStudio do for you. And how does MasterStudio fit in with the rest of your (possibly existing) application?

Additional Training

For additional training customized to your specific needs, please contact Master Object AB.

An object oriented framework (such as MasterStudio) allows you to build applications with unprecedented speed. At the same time, MasterStudio includes many components and concepts whose scope and use is much broader than what you can learn in just a single week. As most of MasterStudio was inspired by other object oriented frameworks and design patterns, you can enhance your understanding of MasterStudio by studying those as well (much information is available freely on the Internet). You may be surprised about how much of those frameworks you'll now understand (you may also be very happy that you stuck with Omnis Studio, as some of the other frameworks feature a primitive IDE and have an even steeper learning curve).

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