PLANBOARD FOR OMNIS CLASSIC SUPPORT NOTICE (July 29, 2005): Support for PlanBoard for Omnis Classic will end on August 1, 2006. Developers on a Maintenance and Support Agreement that is current on or after August 1, 2005 will qualify for the reduced PlanBoard for Omnis Studio upgrade price of $799 until August 1, 2006. They only need to renew support after they upgrade to the Omnis Studio version. Developers who purchase PlanBoard for Omnis Classic on or after August 1, 2005 will be able upgrade to the Omnis Studio version at the reduced rate until August 1, 2007.

PlanBoard for Omnis Classic
is an object that allows Omnis Classic developers to easily add graphical planning and scheduling to their applications. PlanBoard is used by Omnis developers world wide for scheduling of people, machines, rooms, broadcasts, advertising, satellite traffic, medical appointments, project planning, car rental etc. Whatever your users are scheduling, they'll love using PlanBoard!

Features of PlanBoard 2 include:

  • Users can now print a report of PlanBoard contents. Supporting all scales, this effectively gives them 12 reporting options without any programming on your part.
  • Starting date and time can be entered directly into the toolbar.
  • Users can easily duplicate planning slots by right-mouse dragging or Option-dragging.
  • To ease transition to a future Omnis Studio version, variables were renamed to conform to Doug Kuyvenhoven's StudioTIPS.
  • Improved 59-page Developer Manual in PDF format.
  • Four new color schemes each offer 7 background color options.
  • The look of the button bar automatically adjusts itself to the operating system used.
  • On Windows, PlanBoard uses a gray button bar modeled after Microsoft's W2K and XP. On Mac OS X, the look matches Apples 'Blue' and 'Graphite' Aqua color schemes.
  • PlanBoard 2.0 adds four new time scales showing 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months or a full year of planning slots.
  • Lots of minor improvements (see release notes).

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Screen Shots

Mac Screen Shot, US English

Windows Screen Shot, Dutch

Developer Quotes

"PlanBoard is astounding. Omnis alone allows a developer to be more productive than any single tool, but when paired with PlanBoard a nominal effort will add a stylish flare to your application. Whenever I can accomplish my programming goals in a beautiful and elegant way with minimal work for me, I jump at the chance. I jumped at PlanBoard, and have never been sorry."

Charles L. Martin, Avondale Software USA

"I have recently gone into top gear with my PlanBoard integration with fantastic success ! Thank you so much for a wonderful interface - I am just enjoying myself so much and my users are swooning !!"

Andy Hilton, Totally Brilliant Software UK

"I wanted to send you a brief note in Thanks for PlanBoard - it allowed me to do something in a week that otherwise would have taken months. ... Kudos to PlanBoard for working quickly and well. (By the way, If you have other clients using PlanBoard for employee daily scheduling - we built a Schedule Duplicator window that allows you to enter a schedule schedules for some employees, and then duplicate those schedules to as many other employess as you wish. Our Scheduling Manager can schedule 70 people in about 10 minutes)."

Gary Connor, Technology Officer DirectLine Technologies, Inc. USA

Features PlanBoard for Omnis Classic


  • Selectable grid, snap to grid
  • Application rights for creating/moving/resizing/deleting
  • Create new slots by dragging them from Legend
  • Live scrolling during drag & drop
  • Right-mouse click/Option-click to access slot properties
  • Duplicate slots by Right-mouse/Option dragging
  • Group slots to always move them together
  • Move the cursor to an edge, and time will scroll automatically
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts
  • Fully resizeable (no screen size limit)
  • Zoom in or out by single click

Data model

  • Entirely database-independent
  • Independent of field/table names (configurable item references)
  • Unlimited number of resources, optionally divided into types
  • Unlimited number of slots
  • Allows mixed-case field names
  • Allows unique field names
  • Allows case-sensitive file names
  • Should work fine in existing lib


  • Scale-switching: 15 Minutes, 2 Hours, 8 Hours, Day, 3 Days, 5 Days, Week, Month, 6 Weeks, 3 Months, 6 Months, Year
  • ISO week number display
  • Blue, Graphite, Green and Red 24-bit color schemes
  • On-the-fly color scheme and background switching
  • Optional application-driven color legend
  • User-configurable row & conflict height, resource width
  • Optional Button Bar
  • Open multiple PlanBoard instances simultaneously
  • Print PlanBoard contents


  • Runs on all Omnis Classic platforms
  • Compatible with Omnis*, , 7.3.8
    (*see release notes)
  • All formats install in your own library
  • No externals (standard datefnc used) or files
  • Approximate window size: 130 KB
  • Object-oriented architecture
  • Window source code included
  • Modeless window, will also work in modal app
  • Easy to learn and extend
  • StudioTIPS naming conventions

Report Sample, UK English, Blue

Programming PlanBoard for Omnis Classic

At installation, about 6 formats are copied into your own library. You don't need to change these formats at all, although you could do so to change the appearance of PlanBoard and its report, to extend its functionality or to localize its strings (see below).

PlanBoard derives its strengths from its object oriented architecture. You decide which of your own menu or window formats calls PlanBoard's methods. PlanBoard automatically calls your format to send the application its messages and user events. In well-defined 'callback methods' you will be asked to query your database and retrieve lists of planning slots to be displayed. PlanBoard uses your existing database field names. As needed, you can add specific PlanBoard attributes to your lists. One reason might be that you want a certain string format to be used on-screen, or that your application decides which user rights apply for each planning slot. Even if you haven't done any object oriented programming until now, PlanBoard will surely get you excited.

The 59-page Developer Manual includes an introduction to object-oriented programming in Omnis Classic, a step-by-step implementation guide and a complete reference of PlanBoard's attributes, public methods and callback methods. On average it has taken developers less than a day to visualize existing data in PlanBoard and only a few more days to add full interactivity. Since PlanBoard cleanly separates user interface from underlying data, updating to new releases requires very little work by you, the developer.

Existing developers are most enthousiastic about the great look and feel. PlanBoard may just become the 'face' of your application. It's easy to learn, and since there is no external code involved it works equally well on Windows and Mac without additional effort on your part. And if a new release of Omnis or a new operating system requires changing some lines of code, you can even do so yourself without having to wait for us to come out with a new release.


PlanBoard for Omnis Classic comes with US English, UK English, German, Dutch and Italian strings. Because all strings are stored in a separate menu format, creating other translations is extremely easy. PlanBoard automatically adjusts to local time guidelines, such as the use of AM/PM and month/day order. For manual entry of start/end date a PlanBoard window uses your application's #FDT setting.

How To Order

Please contact us and tell us about your application and the expected number of users. We will send you an attractive proposal and you will receive an invoice after you order. The software, Developer Manual, registration codes and license agreement will be sent to the e-mail address you specify. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on the PlanBoard developer pack. Please read the License Agreement before ordering.

Developer Support

After acquiring PlanBoard we have invested into modernizing the product, improving the Developer Manual and sample library, and preparing for future versions. Version 2 provides an answer to many questions from existing developers. To allow us to further expand and invest in the product we have introduced a yearly 15% maintenance fee that includes updates and E-Mail support. In addition, we offer phone support and we provide assistance in developing Omnis applications.

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