PlanBoard for Omnis Studio Release Notes

PLANBOARD VERSION 4.0 BETA 1 released November 11, 2010

  • Support for Omnis Studio 4.3.2 (non-Unicode) through 5.1 (Unicode).
  • The number of resource lines is no longer limited to 100.
  • Significant performance improvements (on Omnis Studio 4.3.2, PlanBoard is about twice as fast when redrawing 500 slots, color scheme changes are nearly instantaneous).
  • A new "default" color scheme based on standard window colors on Mac and Windows.
  • Vertical scrolling using the keyboard (Up and Down arrows and PageUp/PageDown).
  • When clicking the legend palette, the associated PlanBoard window regains the focus so that subsequent keyboard actions are handled properly.
  • Bugfix: When deleting a linked slot using the context menu, the linked slots will now be properly deleted (just like when deleting from the keyboard).
  • Bugfix: In some cases, users could break out of PlanBoard redraws using Control-C (or Command-. on the Mac), causing subsequent redraws to fail.
  • Bugfix: Testing for a valid PlanBoard delegate instance no longer causes a notation error.
  • The code needed to instantiate your PlanBoard instances was simplified. Please change your PlanBoard initialization code as follows:
    • Delegate attribute $objectIsValid no longer exists. To initialize a PlanBoard instance, use the following calls:

      If not(iYourPlanBoard.$class)
        Calculate iYourPlanBoard as
      End If
      Do iYourPlanBoard.$initialize(
        {optional parameters for $contextShouldConstruct method}
  • Based on the MasterStudio 2.0.1 foundation framework.
  • PlanBoard 4.0 is a paid upgrade and will require a new license code. Before upgrading your PlanBoard 3.x applications, please read the PlanBoard 4.0 Beta 1 Instructions.

BUGFIXES IN VERSION 3.2.9 released on November 6, 2009

  • Fixed bug where a new record inserted into the PlanBoard demo application would raise "Error finding employees".

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.8 released on October 9, 2009

  • Takes advantage of new features that require Omnis Studio 4.1.1-4.3.1 (non-Unicode). Minor enhancements for Windows Vista and Mac OS Leopard.
  • Dragging objects outside of the PlanBoard grid no longer causes notation errors.
  • It is now possible to add Context menu items that appear only when a slot is selected. The demo application uses this to add a command that allows users to repeat a slot by right-clicking and choosing "Repeat Weekly...".
  • The PlanBoard delegate object can now detect whether a newly created planning slot was duplicated by the user (i.e., Control/Option-copied from another slot).
  • Fixed "flickering redraws" of resource headers on Windows XP using Omnis Studio 4.3. Note for developers: The resource names are now Buttons instead of Shape Fields.
  • Updated Developer Manual
  • Based on the MasterStudio 1.1.0 foundation framework.

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.7 released on January 3, 2007

  • Note for PlanBoard 3.x developers on Windows Vista using Omnis Studio 4.3: If the main menu bar of the PlanBoard 3.x demo application is hidden in Windows Vista, you can re-display it by setting the new $alwaysshowmainmenu attribute to kTrue:
  • Note for developers using Omnis Studio 4.3: You can achieve a significant performance boost by adding the following lines to method in $doRedraws in class PbContext:

    If not(iComponentShouldReload) ;; existing line at the start of the method. add:
      If iComponentIsPrepared&sys(1)>="4.3"
        Begin reversible block
          Calculate iComponentRef.$norefresh as kTrue
        End reversible block
      End If
      ;; ... keep remainder of the existing method

    This modification, and various other speed improvements, will be rolled into PlanBoard upgrade 4.0.
  • Fully supports Omnis Studio versions 3.3.3, 4.0.3, 4.1.1, and 4.2. Also works in Omnis Studio 4.3, but does not take advantage of its new features. PlanBoard on Omnis Studio 3.3.3 and 4.0.3 will be supported throughout 2007. The upcoming major 4.0 release of PlanBoard will take advantage of new features that require Omnis Studio 4.1.1 or higher, and work significantly faster in Omnis Studio 4.3 or higher.
  • Solves a problem where the "status text" in the default button bar would not properly redraw itself during drag & drop operations.
  • Contains a work-around for an Apple bug in the Rosetta environment on Intel Macs running Mac OS 10.4.8, causing rounding errors in dates and preventing multi-pane PlanBoard windows from correctly positioning subwindows.
  • Based on the MasterStudio 1.0.9 foundation framework.

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.6 released on April 14, 2006

  • Fully supports Omnis Studio versions 3.3.3, 4.0.3, and 4.1.1 (and tested to also work fine with Studio 4.2 -- full support to be announced).
  • Improvement for developers who use both Omnis Studio 3 and Omnis Studio 4 on the same computer: When using a PlanBoard application in Omnis Studio 3 after using that same application in Omnis Studio 4, MasterStudio now displays a dialog box that allows the user to overwrite the "newer" scratch libraries (containing PlanBoard preferences). In previous releases of PlanBoard it was necessary to manually remove the scratch libraries from the "MasterObjects Preferences" folder.
  • Based on the MasterStudio 1.0.8 foundation framework.

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.5 released on July 29, 2005

  • PlanBoard constants are now only initialized once, when the first PlanBoard context is opened.
  • The demo application is now fully translated into German and Dutch (in addition to U.S. English and U.K. English -- PlanBoard strings were also localized to Italian).
  • Improved performance through the optimized notification center of MasterStudio 1.0.6.
  • Improvement in the demo application: Thanks to the enforcement of OmnisSQL foreign key constraints in MasterStudio 1.0.6, it is no longer possible to accidentally delete an employee that has planning slots linked to it.
  • Bugfix: When scrolling left, the background scrolled into view had a blue background, even if a non-blue color scheme was active. (Existing users of non-blue color schemes must switch color schemes at least once before this improvement takes effect.)
  • Bugfix: Language switching no longer worked after the first PlanBoard instance was destroyed. Changed language manager so it is now run in the root context.
  • Fixed a bug where the 3.2.4 PlanBoard demo application would crash on Omnis Studio 4 when repeatedly inserting or deleting records.
  • Fixed a bug in the PlanBoard demo application, where the simple "smartlist-based" windows for "Employees" and "Planning Slots" would not insert more than one record at once.
  • Release Note 1 (only relevant if you use your own subclass of the PlanBoard window context, class PbContext): Class variable cPbManagerLanguage was replaced by instance variable iPbManagerLanguagePath. If you used your own language manager subclass, then you should change this class variable into an instance variable of type Character.
  • Release Note 2: The language manager now has a class variable PbPublic instead of task variable PbPublic. If you use your own language manager subclass, please be aware that it no longer runs in your own application context, but rather in the root context. To check whether you have your own language manager subclass, use the inheritance tree on class PbContextLanguages. Task variable "PbPublic" is no longer available. Instead, you can use the new "PbPublic" class variable. If you have your own subclass of class PbContextLanguages, it may be necessary to change its $designtaskname attribute to MoBaseClasses.MoContextSubSuperclass, and to replace "$ctask.PbPublic" to "PbPublic".
  • Based on MasterStudio 1.0.6 providing numerous minor improvements.
  • This release is fully supported on Windows and Mac OS versions of Omnis Studio 3.3 and 4.0. It was also tested and works correctly with Omnis Studio 4.1 beta 2.

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.4 released on December 14, 2004

  • A bug was fixed, where MasterStudio and PlanBoard would not properly create preferences directories under Mac OS X when using Omnis Studio 4.0.2. This resulted in a "Using local folder instead" message. This was caused by a change in the behavior of the Omnis $createdir command, which no longer accepts a directory separator at the end of the path name.
  • Menu class "DemoMenuPlanBoardLanguages" was renamed to "DemoMenuLanguages". This only affects the demo library and thus should not have any effect on your own applications.
  • Based on MasterStudio 1.0.4 providing a noticeable performance improvement when loading large libraries and other minor improvements.

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.3 released on October 25, 2004

Note: Since this release contained no major bug fixes, it was only sent to developers upon request.

  • (Windows only) Changed the $effect attribute for the buttonbar so that the buttons are centered correctly.
  • Improved out-of-the-box Omnis Studio 4 compatibility.
  • Updated graphics to new Master Object AB copyrights and logos.
  • Based on MasterStudio 1.0.3 containing minor improvements.

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.2 released on March 31, 2004

  • Under Omnis Studio 4.0, the remainder of planning slots was not correctly erased during drag & drop operations. This was fixed by adding an explicit redraw.
  • Under Omnis Studio 4.0, certain classes stopped working after modifying them, because they used "$userInfo", which is now a built-in Omnis class attribute. PlanBoard and MasterStudio will use "$notificationInfo" from now on.

NEW AND IMPROVED IN VERSION 3.2.1 released on March 23, 2004

  • Background planning slots that use a pattern now receive a single-line white border, allowing users to see where they overlap. Previously, overlapping background slots would completely blend in with each other.
  • Slot tooltips will now display a concise version of multi-line text (where carriage returns are automatically replaced by bullets and long text is automatically truncated by an ellipsis).
  • Titles of resources are now left-aligned by default.
  • If planning slots are set to overlap by more than 4 pixels, they will no longer display the slot text. This avoids overlapping text on the window and in reports.
  • A scratch library is now automatically marked for deletion if PlanBoard detects a problem with any of its classes. The next time the user opens PlanBoard, it will use a new scratch library. An information message confirms to the user that the old file was deleted.
  • By caching global constants in class variables, redraw of PlanBoard slots is slightly faster.
  • Synced PlanBoard with MasterStudio 1.0.2 providing numerous improvements.
  • This version of PlanBoard was tested with Omnis Studio 4.0 on Windows 2000 and Mac OS X 10.3. See the known issues list for the latest information.

BUGFIXES IN VERSION 3.2.1, March 23, 2004

  • Names of items in the legend now span the full palette width, rather than being cut off after the last word that fits.
  • When single-clicking a legend item that cannot be dragged onto PlanBoard (i.e. a legend entry for slots that may not be created), the cursor no longer changes into "NoGo".
  • A bug was fixed, where slots in the resource section of a PlanBoard report would overlap into the next resource section. This happened with planning slots that contained a very short text.
  • The status area in the PlanBoard button bar now is a scroll area with a background text object instead of a shape field. The shape field did not redraw correctly in Omnis Studio 4.
  • A workaround was removed where dragging slots into the PlanBoard window didn't work in Omnis Studio 4 beta releases. This problem was fixed in the final candidate release and dragging works fine again in Omnis Studio 4.0.


  • Improved German string translations.
  • Synced PlanBoard with MasterStudio 1.0.1 providing many minor improvements.
  • Fixed bug that prevented setting/overriding default color scheme and background in the delegate object.
  • Improved styles and button bar look for Mac OS 10.3 "Panther".
  • (Mac OS X Only) Solved a bug introduced in version 3.1.2 that prevented the temporary file not to be deleted automatically.
  • Tested with Omnis Studio 4.0 beta 3.1. This version is not officially supported on Studio 4 yet, but most of PlanBoard works fine in the current beta.
  • Includes a workaround for a drag and drop problem with Omnis Studio 4 beta: You must first click the palette before you can drag items from it into the main PlanBoard window.


  • Smoother redraws on Microsoft Windows: On certain Windows systems, Studio's redraw of grid subwindows first showed planning slots as completely white, and then filled their colors. This caused an ugly flashing effect not seen on other Windows systems or on the Mac.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "About Your Application..." button in the "About PlanBoard..." dialog box not to work.
  • Synced PlanBoard with MasterStudio 1.0.0b9.4 containing many minor improvements.
  • To easily solve performance problems that may occur after a scratch file is used for a very long time, Developers and users can now delete the "scratch file" by holding Control and Shift (on Mac OS: Command and Shift) while closing a PlanBoard window. A dialog message will confirm that the temporary file was deleted. The next time PlanBoard opens, a new temporary file is created.
  • By implementing $contextRootLanguage in the delegate of the root context, you can set a default language other than English. Return the 2 or 5-character language and region code matching the method name in the language manager. The language you return becomes the default language for any other objects that are instantiated (instead of 'en').

FIXES IN VERSION 3.1.1, August 7, 2003

  • $setLanguage now properly redraws any open PlanBoard instances after you switch languages from within your delegate object
  • Integration with the base classes of MasterStudio 1.0.0b9 providing: improved versions of MoContextRoot and class broker, accelerated notification center queued message handling, new scratch libary commands, minor reporting improvements, improved method stack handling, other minor bugfixes
  • New #STYLES; entry windows now use Tahoma (default Unicode font in Office recommended by Microsoft UI guidelines) rather than MS Sans Serif (which lacks many diacritics) on Windows
  • Updated Developer Manual layout and terminology

NEW IN VERSION 3.1.0, May 8, 2003

  • The $addContextCommand method allows you to easily add your own commands to PlanBoard’s dynamic context menus. See chapter 2.6.5 of the new Developer Manual
  • Updated Developer Manual
  • Integration with the base classes of MasterStudio 1.0.0b8.3, bringing many minor improvements and bugfixes
  • Bug fix for applications using more than one PlanBoard window, where the resources column at the left would suddenly assume the width of the other PlanBoard instance
  • Bug fix in the demo application, where updating linked slots failed because of a bug with bind variables of type date in the OmnisSQL DAM of Studio 3.2.x and 3.3

NEW IN VERSION 3.0.2, March 3, 2003

  • Developer can make slots overlap any number of pixels by overriding the $slotOverlap method of their delegate object
  • When the root context is opened, the Omnis Studio preference $maxcachedclasses is increased to 600. This can significantly speed up PlanBoard, especially on Windows systems and on Mac OS 9
  • By adding an XML-formatted checksum to $vcsbuildnotes of each library, the class broker avoids having to check individual class references and version numbers each time you load PlanBoard. Once each library has been opened once, loading time of the root context should now be about twice as fast. Note that you may overwrite $vcsbuildnotes. This new feature should not interfere with the version control system
  • Bug fix in the class broker, where it sometimes didn't use a newer version of a class where one was available in a developer library which had a lower class modification date
  • Numerous improvements in the underlying MasterStudio framework (synched with MasterStudio 1.0b7.8)
  • Tested with Omnis Studio 3.3 beta 1

FIX IN VERSION 3.0.1, December 6, 2002

  • Addition of $managerWindows patch to MoContextRoot

NEW IN VERSION 3.0 (added after beta 6), October 25, 2002

  • Dynamic context menus
  • Keyboard shortcuts for "zoom in" and "zoom out"
  • Metal color scheme
  • Trapping single clicks on resources, legend items
  • New cursors
  • Slot duplication (by control/option-dragging)
  • Support for Studio 3.2.1
  • Improved (and optional) print destinations dialog window
  • Database access indicator on window instances
  • User feedback at button clicks
  • Demo application uses Studio V3 DAMs

FIXES IN VERSION 3.0 (added after beta 6), October 25, 2002

  • Improved performance
  • No longer requires "unique field names"
  • No longer uses the Omnis timer method
  • Several bug fixes in drag & drop handling

PlanBoard for Omnis Studio Known Issues
  • In Omnis Studio 4.0 on Mac OS X, the insertion cursor may change into an arrow cursor when you drag a new planning slot into the PlanBoard window.
  • (This issue was solved in MasterStudio 3.2.5) The demo application may prompt more than once whether you want it to quit, if you quit it by closing its library. To quit the demo application, please use "Quit" or "Exit" from the Demo menu. You can then close the main library without getting additional dialog messages.
  • (This problem was fixed in PlanBoard 3.2.2. Workaround for MasterStudio developers who did not install PlanBoard 3.2.2:) In Omnis Studio 4.0 on Windows and Mac, a planning slot may not redraw correctly while you decrease its duration (shorten it). Omnis 4.0 will only erase the remainder of the field after you let go of the mouse. This problem is fixed by adding the following line to method $evSetSelection in class PbResourceGridController of library MoPlanBoardClasses:
          Calculate iPbDragRectRef.$top as -30000
        End If
        Calculate iPbDragRectRef.$top as -30000
      End If
      Do iComponentRef.$redraw(kFalse,kTrue) ;; <-- INSERT THIS LINE
    End If
    If not( ...
  • If MoPlanBoardClasses.lbs is installed on file servers, PlanBoard performance can be very slow: Selecting a single slot may take up to a second rather than being instantaneous. The problem doesn't occur on local hard drives. The problem was improved in PlanBoard 3.0.2 after increasing $maxcachedclasses, although PlanBoard performs better if installed on the local hard drive.
  • On Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar", PlanBoard cursor colors may become black. This happens in Omnis Studio 3.2.1 and 3.3.1. It is solved by upgrading to Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.
  • On Windows 98/Me and Mac OS 9, The "About PlanBoard" context menu item may inadvertedly display a 32 pixel icon instead of a 16 pixel icon. Solved by upgrading to Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Mac OS X does not display icons in context menus.
  • When running in OS X Classic mode, PlanBoard sometimes can't find the preferences folder (caused by a failure in the AppleScript call). Does not happen in OS X native mode or in Mac OS 9.2.x.
  • Studio 3.1 on Windows will not display dotted borders around selected slots. Fixed in Omnis Studio 3.2. NOTE: PlanBoard 3.2.1 and up no longer support Omnis Studio 3.1.
  • Omnis Studio 3.1 on Mac OS X has a bug that causes the "Logon to host" command to fail unexpectedly. If you cannot logon using the "Logon to database" menu option of the sample application on OS X, simply keep hitting the Enter key until you get through. This fault is fixed in Studio 3.2. NOTE: PlanBoard 3.2.1 and up no longer support Omnis Studio 3.1.

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