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We develop and sell software components that help bring traditional Omnis applications into the future by using advanced object oriented design, paying great attention to consistent user interfaces and striving for optimal ease of use. Omnis Studio is inherently cross-platform so most of our components will run on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Our Omnis products are available in multiple languages. Click on the flags for localized versions of this page.

PlanBoard for Omnis

PlanBoard is an incredible example of what can be achieved with Omnis. Without resorting to the use of "externals", PlanBoard not only looks beautiful but it also works intuitively and is very easy to use.

Because PlanBoard was written entirely in Omnis, you can easily make your own modifications and enhancements. PlanBoard's software design enables you to do this without sacrificing compatibility with future releases.


MasterStudio Framework for Omnis offers developers a rich collection of reusable components for building Omnis Studio applications. MasterStudio uses advanced design patterns that greatly reduce the amount of tedious development work required. Building and modifying complex windows containing "Master-Detail" or even "Subdetail"-relationships becomes a matter of minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks!

Training & Support

Our customer base consists of international software developers who incorporate our components into their applications. Our products come with detailed English-language manuals. We are available for on-site training and offer flexible e-mail and phone support.

Master Object AB is located in Maarssen, the Netherlands. We will answer your support calls in English or Dutch, but you can also send us your e-mail requests in German or French. Click here for our contact information.

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